August 13, 2014

Stephanie & Clay Engaged

So I heard from an old friend a month or two ago and she had asked if I was still doing photography.  She had said she had checked the blog and there hadn't been any updates lately. Not a shocker, she was totally correct.  I have been slacking on posting things to the blog.  I have, in fact, still been playing with my camera, but mostly for friends and family.  I really should get in the habit of photographing for myself again! Oh how I do love photos.

Anyways, I had a VERY, VERY, VERY good reason to pull out my camera.  My best friend Stephanie got engaged! Not only was I able to take posed photos of this couple, but I was there for the proposal! Boys, take note, follow Clay's example and have someone around hiding in bushes, trees, or even a box! How could you not want photos of that special moment?!?! Unfortunately for you all, I am not going to share those precious photos, but instead I"ll share the engagement photos that I was able to take in the quaint, cute, and picture-perfect town of Princeton, IL.  Never did I ever think I would come quite so fond of that little town. 

Stephanie and Clay, I am so excited for you two and can't wait to share your special day and the journey of planning along the way.  XoXo!



November 23, 2013

Baby Belter Twin Boys: Carbon & Mason

I am so grateful to Steve and Ann for letting me experience my very FIRST newborn photo shoot!  I had so much fun capturing those perfect teeny-tiny bodies, I even managed to get a few smiles and eye contact :) I didn't even know that was possible with two week olds! While I was photographing the boys I had a hard time figuring out who was who, but after hours of staring at the computer editing, I now know exactly who is who! At least for now :)

Congratulations Steve and Ann and may this just be the beginning of many more photographs of their lives :)