April 25, 2012

Re-Emerging After a Bit of Hibernating

It's true.  I am a terrible blogger.  My husband scolds me often.  I appologize for not entertaining you with some beautiful pictures over the past six months.  When life gets exciting, instead of taking pictures of those moments and sharing, I tend to get wrapped up in those moments and forget about my camera and blog.  I am going to attempt to do a better job of blogging more often, even during the super crazy moments!

Right now, I'd like to share some pictures of our recent trip to Hawaii, but hopefully soon, I can post some other super exciting pictures, such as: OUR NEW HOME!

Greg and I spent a blissful week in Kauai over my spring break.. I am so lucky in my profession I still get one of those.  It was beautiful, relaxing, and perfect.  It was the perfect wedding present from my parents, that I waited three years to cash in on.  I couldn't have asked for a better week.