June 30, 2010

Kissing the Sky

I thought that it might be a good idea to post pictures from Memorial Day weekend before I start a Colorado snapshot frenzy. Over Memorial Day Greg and I were fortunate to have a 4 day weekend so we headed up to our favorite, Wisconsin, land of Dairy and Beer. Porter came along and tried swimming, boating, and kayaking. Needless to say, he had a blast. We spent the weekend in Shawano with the family and we had so much fun, we are heading back there for the upcoming 4th of July!

The evening clouds looked amazing over the lake.

This is by far the scariest Porter has ever looked. It's very creepy. Werewolf want to be.

Enjoying the amazingly warm weather that we were lucky to have over Memorial Day.

A little bit of sailing was in order. Or maybe a lot a bit.

Enjoying a sunset on the dock.

A kiss from the sky.

Look at this proud mama duck.

Makes me want to go back everytime.

June 25, 2010

Just A Road Trip Away

Just finished up our third road trip to Colorado. It was another great one. Each time I leave Colorado, I feel like I've fallen in love all over again (with the state of course)! I love spending 80% of my day outside. There is just something about fresh (dry) air, mountain views, blue skies, that makes me smile inside and out.

The first three days were a rocky start to the vacation (it rained/stormed periodically), but nothing that a few beers couldn't cure. After we made it to Breckenridge and the rain disappeared everyone had a blast!

I'll probably be posting a couple of posts worth of Colorado pictures because we took over 300, so keep coming back for more!

Here are a few for now:

At the top of Mt. Democrat (14,148 feet) That's a 14er!

Hanging out at a mine.

Breckenridge in the Evening.

Some very old license plates on the building of Camp 4 Coffee.

Beautiful flowers in Crested Butte!

A gorgeous pass we took to get from Leadville to Crested Butte.

At one of the many old mine sites in Leadville.

And another bright sunny flower.

And a little bit of proof that we did indeed tap the Rockies.

June 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'

My oh My, do the days fly by in the summer time! It's been a busy summer already and it is only the beginning of June (which is good news, because that means 2 whole more months of summer!). Greg and I have a lot planned for this upcoming summer, we spent Memorial weekend in Shawano, are leaving for Colorado on Friday, and are headed back "Up North" for the 4th of July. Hopefully we will bring back lots of photographs to share. But anyways, we've had some hot, hot days down in Indianapolis and when it's hot one must bust out the water and balloons. Take a look at some fun summer days.

(This is Spencer's Pirate Face) It cracks me up!