September 22, 2010

The Hundred Acre Woods

During my weekends sans Greg, Porter and I went to the Indianapolis Art Museum to walk around the new nature area. New is relative, as the nature has always been there, but they cleaned it up, and added some outdoor art. It was quite difficult to carry a camera and a restless pup and try to take pictures, but I think I managed to get a couple of good ones. Enjoy your sneak peek into The 100 Acre Woods.

September 15, 2010

My Husband-less Weekend

Having been the oldest child in a family of eight, it was very seldom that I ever experienced quiet. The house was hardly ever empty, and there was always someone there to keep you company. I use to wish I had more quiet time, but now when quiet comes, I'm not sure what to do with it. Well this weekend was the first weekend since I've been married that my husband left (he went to go bike the hilly hills of Kentucky), and I stayed home with the Pup. Although I thought I might be lonely and have a hard time filling the quiet, but here is proof that I managed to stay happily busy.

I had a glass of adult juice with my lasagna & salad Friday night for dinner.

I organized the beginnings of my new scrapbook.

I spoiled Porter rotten.

This is him with his new toy, but we also went on two hikes, multiple walks, and to the Puppy Park several times in 2 1/2 days.

I lit candles and enjoyed.

I rented lots of girly movies to watch without Greg.

I took all the blankets and enjoyed having the bed to myself.

Saturday morning bagel, coffee, and Farmer's Market.

I bought three bouquets of flowers.

I did what a girl does best and went shopping :)

New jeans were a must, but I ended up with a couple of other things.

I got ready for myself :)

I drank coffee in my '70s mug.

And when Sunday evening came, and Greg returned. I felt refreshed & energized by my weekend alone and looking forward to the next Husband-less weekend.