January 11, 2011

My 2010 in Photos

We got a puppy who has since grown 6xs as big and has forever changed my life.

I had Sister time.

I spent many Thursday nights drinking beer and watching Greg kick butt in Ultimate.

I consumed all the seafood & Allagash I wanted in the course of one long weekend in Portland, ME.

I hopped on flights destined for Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Maine.

I fell in love with winters again.

I went out in Indianapolis for a night on the town and didn't spend a single cent, but I'll remember it forever.

I climbed a 14,000 foot mountain in holey jeans.

I went on my first and probably last sleigh ride.

I spent countless days with beautiful children.


I went to my sister-in-laws fabulous wedding.

And had lots of fun.

And practiced taking pictures.

I went on numberous hikes with my best buds.

And most importantly I loved everyone who
shared a piece of it with me.