February 25, 2011

Maine's Small Capital of Beer & Seafood

Back in December Greg and I took a Spontaneous Trip (my all time favorite way of vacationing) to Portland to spend some quality time together. The months before December were filled with all sorts of shenanigans. As many of you know, Greg took a new position in Wisconsin, and therefore a move was before us. It was a quick process as Greg put in a weeks notice, and I put in a four-week notice. Between packing, moving, flying to Arizona, celebrating the last fling before the ring, thanksgiving, weddings, and just trying to breathe, Greg and I were DESPERATE for some relaxation. And you ask, "Why Travel? Isn't that stressful in itself?" I would have to say, "No, it was exactly what the doctor ordered." We did absolutely nothing together and it was great. We spent the vast majority of those four days in Portland walking, eating delicious seafood, drinking East Coast brewed beer and cider, and looking at the Ocean from our hotel room. And here are a few pictures to prove that we did absolutely nothing other than enjoy what was before us.